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Our mission

Our goal is to improve your business processes using a combination of proven methodologies: strategic assessment, training, operations analysis, and seamless implementation.

We focus on three points to improve your operations:
• Maximize your efficiency
• Improve your profitability
• Improve your customers experience

In most projects, we can also proceed with the implementation of the proposed solutions.

Areas of expertise

We specialize in the following areas


Process optimization

Process optimization

This is in high demand by our customers, because process optimization projects lead to greater efficiency and therefore lower costs. In most cases, these projects pay for themselves very quickly.

Care must be taken not to confuse process reengineering with optimization. Reengineering is a global project which affect all processes, so it is a very expensive and risky enterprise. We can optimize only certain processes, focusing only on those which really need it, and have a quick gain with minimal risk.

Document Management

Document Management

In many process optimization projects, the management of information and documents must be optimized. Document management software is a valuable aid in reducing the time lost in searching and filing documents. We have acquired a solid expertise in document management, and we can lead such projects from initial analysis to implementation, training and management.

One of the software we particularly like is M-Files. It stands out for its great power for workflow management and tasks automation.

Logiciel Acomba

Acomba software and addons development

We have a very strong expertise in the development of custom add-ons for Acomba.

This is the road to take when you require to do something with Acomba for which it was not thought for. The implementation will go through the development of personalized tools that will automate or facilitate key operations.

Integration between systems

Integration between systems

One of the principles of process automation is to make sure that the information is entered only once at the beginning of the process, and that it follows through to the end of the process. But in reality, it often happens that several systems are used, and manual entries between these systems are required.

So we often build bridges between different systems to make operations more fluid. A common example is to bridge a transactional website and an accounting software.

Développement pesonnalisé

Custom Development

We have an expertise in analyzing what our customers needs and this enable us to propose tailored custom development solutions.



We are offering Formations Qualitemps trainings. We specialize in training for document management and processes optimization.



Here are some examples of projects we have done for our clients over the years


HEC Montréal, Career Management Service

Development and implementation of management tool for student files and job offers.
(Access, Perl, Oracle)


Process optimization
(Excel, SAS, Oracle)

Municipal Agency for the Financing and Development of Quebec 9-1-1 Emergency Centers

Development of a management software for the transfer of tax funds for 911 services to municipalities and RCMs throughout the province of Quebec with the option of directly paying the amounts to a designated third party.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)

Location d’Abris Mobiles A.M. Inc

Development of a depreciation management software (assets only) linked with Acomba accounting software.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)
Development of a database for the management of trailers

SEMO Horizon-Travail

Development of a management software allowing to follow-up candidates, offers, investments and to produce the reports required by Emploi-Québec.
Server installation and configuration and network infrastructure management.
Technical support.

PMG Technologies

Development of a management software for handling suppliers' procurements and maintain inventory by projects.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)

Strong MDI

Development of a program for orders management and screen production planning.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)

Audace Lunettes

Development of a dashboard to display sales and purchasing informations from Acomba graphically.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba, Klipfolio)


Integration with Acomba and several online sales platforms.
Integration with SAP Business One and several online sales platforms.
(MS-SQL, MySQL, SAP Business One, Acomba, C#, VB.Net, PHP)

Groupe Financier AGA Inc.

CPA-standard check printing project with customized format and encoding of the bottom of the pay check.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba, SDK Acomba)

LeTaz (roulodome - stakepark)

Development of a membership management software with photos and membership cards printing.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)

ExpressCar Exotics

Development of a management software for depreciation (assets and financing) for Acomba.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)


Process optimization and development of a reporting prototype for analysing "mystery-shopper" results.

Esthétique sans frontières -
Distripro - Épillyss

Development of numerous reports for data analysis and process automation.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)


Development of a management software for water samples analysis with barcode tracking.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)

LiftExpert, Cisolift,

Development of a bridge between Acomba and a CRELoaded transactional website.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba, OsCommerce, CRELoaded, PHP)

GURU Bicycle

Development of a very complete tool for sales analysis reports for Acomba.
(Excel, ODBC for Acomba)

Cuisine Poirier

Development of a tool for printing customized delivery labels and viewing delivery summary by carrier.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)

Rousseau Communication

Development of a complete subscription management program.
Website maintenance.
Development of data visualization tools.
(MS-SQL, MySQL, Wordpress, C#, Access)

Cheminée Lining

Process optimization and project management.
(ERP Made2Manage, Access, SQL Server)


Development of a VB.NET Class DLL to access Acomba SDK more easily for Cybergeneration developers.

LCC vins & spiritueux - Clos des Vignes

Development of multiple programs for data extraction and reporting.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)


Development of a management tool for purchases and product catalogue importations.
Server installation and configuration and network infrastructure management.
Technical Support.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)

Promo Gagnon Lévesque - Promotion Xpress - Vètements Xpress

Development of a program for the management of supply contracts for uniforms with measurements and transfers of purchases to Acomba.
(Access, ODBC for Acomba)


Development of a comprehensive merchandise loan management program for representatives.

Techno-Bronze Inc.

Development of a complete tool for order management, customer billing, inventory tracking and reports. Network support.

Association des Salons de Bronzage du Québec (ASBQ)

Development of a member management software.

Info-bronzage Inc. - Bronzage Beauté Bien-Être

Development of a magazine publication management software.


This is what our customers say about us:


“On behalf of our team at Career Management Services, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Sylvain Laurence for his creativity, hard work and professionalism in the development of our website at HEC Montréal. Mr. Laurence clearly understood our need for a simple and effective management tool.”


Pierre Francq   Li
HEC Montreal
Directeur, Service de gestion de carrière

“Sylvain a mené notre projet de main de maître, alliant une solide expertise technique et d'affaires, une rapidité à comprendre les besoins et à les transposer en solutions répondant à nos besoins. Sylvain a été d'une grande disponibilité et patience pendant cette période de grands changements dans notre mode de travail, ce qui fut très rassurant pour tous.”


Danielle Beaudoin   Li
HEC Montreal
Conseillère en emploi, niveau MBA

“Sylvain was a real asset to our team. Very quickly he was up to speed and understood our processes globally. He optimized a lot of our manual processes including the validation processes.
Sylvain is excellent in performing gap analysis and he’s a master in Microsoft Excel. Sylvain has strong analysis skills, he’s very efficient, a quick learner and he is very personable and professional.”


Eric Lacombe   Li
TD Meloche Monnex
BI Specialist

Our Team

Here are our specialists


Sylvain Laurence

Sylvain Laurence, B.Ing., B. Arch., MBA

President and founder

Senior consultant recognized for his leadership, his rigor, his professionalism, his unparalleled understanding of customers needs and the effectiveness of his proposed solutions.

Experienced professional in complex project management, and using a mentoring and coaching approach for Human Resource Management.

Passionate of process optimization and document management.


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Daniel Massicotte

Analyst Programmer

Programmer working within the company as a developer.

Having worked as a programmer-analyst for 10 years before joining the Groupe Conseil Lartis team in 2009, has acquired a solid background in information technology, business application programming and databases and many other fields.

Benefiting from diversified expertise, always has a solution to your problems.

Ensuring your complete satisfaction, your projects are at the heart of his priorities.



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